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Cinderella Review

This film is Disney for me! This film was one of my favourite childhood films so whenever I watch it I feel the same childhood wonderment and magic that I always did.

We all know the classic tale of Cinderella so I will just get onto watching it in the 21st century. Now with Snow White I found that the Prince didn’t really have much to do with the story and you could say the same for this one, at least it’s better he doesn’t just kiss supposedly a dead girl and then whisk her away to a whole new world, at least in this one it seems a bit more safe. I’m not so worried she’s going to be kidnapped and sold to sex trafficking in this movie.

But what I think makes this movie the pinnacle Disney movie for me is it was the first Princess movie that I really enjoyed. As I said in my Snow White review, I found that movie too scary whereas this one was still quite creepy at times but was much more enjoyable and had a longer story so the scary moments didn’t seem to have as much of an impact as the moments in Snow White did.

I also feel the music in this movie is just so wonderful and so magical and really makes me want to be a Princess. Watching it brought back so many happy memories of watching it as a child and while it’s still slightly outdated with the whole ‘simple poor woman and rich man comes to save her’ storyline there is so much more to it that I think that, that can easily be overlooked.

I love Cinderella. I think it’s a great story with great music that holds up to this day and is still so enjoyable to watch, so whether it’s your first time or your 500th time I definitely recommend you watch this movie.

What do you think of Cinderella?

Until next time.

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