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Yes, God, Yes Review

This was a very odd movie and I do wonder if I didn’t completely understand it because I am not religious.

The film follows a girl called Alice who is a high school student in a catholic school where of course anything sexual is a sin, but Alice is going through the usual changes during puberty where she is curious and doesn’t know what to do with these changes.

So she takes herself off to a retreat where she hopes things will change for her because she’s been ostracised by her peers from a rumour going round that she tossed a guy’s salad…please don’t google that.

On this retreat she sees things that just make it even more complicated, so while she is being told that sex and any form of sexual act that doesn’t involve having a child is a sin, she sees the priest watching very adult movies, and two of her classmates engaging in something that definitely won’t make a baby.

And then I think we come to the main moral of the story when Alice visits a bar just outside of the retreat and learns that not everything is going to send you to hell and no one is as pure as they claim to be. It’s okay to have urges and to want to do things that you may think God will judge you for because really who knows if there is a God or not and why should you suppress something that’s completely natural?

I don’t really get what this movie is trying to tell me. In some ways it seems to be bashing religion and how demanding it can be but at the same time it didn’t make that overly obvious. It almost seemed to me that it was showing that everyone has these urges and it’s completely normal and you shouldn’t be afraid of that, but also in a way, you should feel free to do what you want and what you think is right. If you want to watch an adult film go ahead, if you want to engage in something with your partner go ahead, because at the end of the day the only person that can truly judge you is you.

It was an interesting tale but possibly not one I would watch again in a hurry just because I feel I didn’t truly understand the point of it. It was funny and interesting but altogether it has left me quite confused so I would recommend it on a single viewing but maybe nothing beyond that.

What do you think of Yes, God, Yes?

Until next time.

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