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The Matrix Review

Despite it being 2021 this is my first time watching The Matrix, so did it live up to the hype?

The Matrix is a story that I’m sure everyone knows. Set in 1999 Neo is bought into a group of people who have discovered that the world they think they’re living in, in 1999 is all fake, it is computer code and in fact humans are being harvested for their energy by an AI that have taken over the world.

Neo now has to decide whether he wants to help these people, as he is supposedly ‘the one’ as prophesied by the Oracle, or whether he wants to go back to his normal life in 1999 and try and forget this ever happened. What would you take? The red pill or the blue pill?

I see why this movie set up a lot of conspiracy theorists, because it is something that we cannot explain away. The idea that we are in a computer simulation is absolutely fantastic and one that really resonates with people, especially in the 1990s where computers were becoming more of a mainstream thing. I think it’s really fascinating theorising about whether this could actually be real or not and what that means for society as a whole.

Going back to the movie I think it is a cult classic for good reason. It is a fantastic film with a lot of different elements to it. The story is really intriguing and makes you want to keep watching to find out what’s happening and the characters all have depth to them and bring their own exciting plots to the story. You have the editing which is absolutely fantastic, the fight scenes are on a different level, and Agent Smith is really intriguing and ever since hearing about this film as a child he has terrified me, and even watching it now he gives me a lot of uneasy feelings.

I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t seen the Matrix at this point, I’m definitely late to the party, but if you haven’t I really recommend it. It’s one of those films that you have to see before you die because it is a marvel of cinematic excellence. The way it’s made is brilliant and I would love to see the behind-the-scenes and how they did it, especially in a time when things were more primitive than they are now, but I feel that comes with how masterful the whole thing is because they were more restricted.

I really enjoy this sort of film. Much like The Truman Show, where you could implement it into your own life and see the world around you differently, what difference would it make if the world is a computer-generated program? Well I guess that means things don’t matter as much, so why should you be so scared of taking risks and trying to be a better person if nothing really matters? If the world is just plugged into a giant matrix system why shouldn’t we be doing more with our lives and caring less?

Do you think we could be living in the Matrix?

Until next time.

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  1. I don’t know if the writer understood fully what he was writing, and the film makers. But, perhaps without realizing it, they hit the nail straight on, after which, in following films, they watered it down in useless adventures. But the first movie explained, in action and dialogue, that we’re living lives “controlled” by the world, to make us think in certain ways, living in propaganda. From the moment we’re born, there are those propagandized to different degrees, the media, electronics, advertisers, what we wear, and the behavior patterns of those around affected by the propaganda. Neo was waking up. He could see the rhetoric, the propaganda, and the belief/attitude shapers trying to dum# him down, keep him from asking the right questions, for then he would wake others up. They don’t mind people asking the wrong questions. But he saw the puppet masters.


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