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All Stars 6 Review

All Stars 6 had the chance to be great because it had a lot of controversial characters, but I feel the over saturation of Drag Race as a whole made it a season that I didn’t find very memorable.

All Stars 6 saw the likes of Eureka, Silky, Kylie, Ginger Minge and many others come back to fight for the crown and be put in the All Stars Hall of Fame, however while it had such interesting and exciting characters and had some very good moments, a lot of this season became forgettable because there were so many other seasons happening at the same time.

How am I supposed to watch All Stars 6, Drag Race US and Drag Race UK all basically on TV at the same time? How am I not expected to see the shows merge into one and get confused about what queen is where and what happened and who left and everything else? I feel there are so many issues with Drag Race currently that I’ve spoken about before because it’s just too much, there’s too much going on constantly and I’m concerned I’m going to have to pick a Drag Race show to watch and only watch that one meaning that I will miss out on the fun of others just because I cannot keep up as an audience member.

You ask me about any of the queens on this season and most of them I don’t remember. Most of the challenges I don’t remember. Only the most memorable bits stand out like Dolly Parton in snatch game of love or Silky coming back and doing like seven lip syncs in a row, apart from that I have no clue what happened because everything is just merging into one. I don’t even remember half of the contestants because they didn’t really do much and didn’t bring the excitement and fire that I expect from Drag Race.

That’s not saying that the queens aren’t incredible, they are, they’re all talented performers and have their own flair and personalities and excitement that they bring to the show. The issue is there are so many shows going on at once that I’m not just watching say 12 queens in one season but 24 or 36 because I’m watching two or three seasons at the same time and I just can’t keep up.

So while I enjoy this season and I’m very glad that Kylie came out as the winner because she thoroughly deserved it with the amount of change that she has gone through this past decade, I definitely feel that Drag Race is slowly going to become less and less exciting and less and less of a show that I will want to watch because there’s just too much of it. It’s such a shame as I would love to give each of these queens their time to show me what they’ve got and appreciate them for who they are, but unfortunately I just can’t because most the time I can’t remember who they are or what season they were on.

Do you think there’s too much Drag Race?

Until next time.

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