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Sex Education Season 3 Review

I feel this show is becoming more of a drama than what it started out as, which was so much more educational.

In season three we see the gang back together as a new headteacher, Hope, comes into the school to try and get rid of its sexual ties in the media. She starts off very cool, she’s a hit with the kids and she’s what every student wants a teacher to be, yet there is a darker side to her which slowly makes the school of sex education become much more regimented.

Alongside the new headteacher we also have Otis and Maeve’s storyline with the will they won’t they continuing, and in some ways that’s what we all watch the show for. We wanted to watch the sex education parts but also their relationship too, but it is getting a bit long now and I feel there will never be a concrete ending to the story because, while the show continues, that needs to continue too to keep people watching.

And finally we have the storyline of Jean being pregnant with Jakob’s baby and trying to work through that while also dealing with them both having teenage children that have dated in the past and becoming a family. It’s very interesting and a different angle on relationships, and I feel that’s what the season was really about: all the different types of relationships that you can have and how they affect you. But they did it in much more of a drama sort of way than something that could be really beneficial and educational for people to watch.

I enjoyed this season but I definitely don’t think it had the same excitement as season one. When the show started it was something completely new and different, it was exciting, it was engaging and you were really brought into these characters’ stories but also by the advice that they were giving, because it’s so raw and honest, which is something that is really beneficial for people to watch. But now in season three we know the characters, we know the story, we know the layout and so I feel they’re trying to switch it up to keep us just as engaged but that means it’s slowly losing what it was at the beginning.

Yes there was sex in this season, of course there’s always going to be sex in every season, but as I said it was much more about the relationships this time. It was much more about the characters and their feelings and us empathising with them rather than just watching it for the funny information and the awkward scenes. I definitely felt that sex took a back seat in this season and that’s not what Sex Education is, the whole show is about teenagers and sex and so if you’re going to not make it about the sex as much then what makes it different to any other teen drama?

If you think about it we had Otis and his casual relationships with Ruby, we had Maeve getting closer to her neighbour and the complications that come with their relationship, we have Jean being pregnant with a guy that she barely knows, and then you had the story of Ola and her relationship breaking down because she wants normal sex sometimes and doesn’t always want to dress up as an alien. It was all about their relationships and about them coming together and working things through rather than people going to the sex king and asking them questions about their relationships that we didn’t need all this back story too.

I still enjoy the show and I’m still very invested in the characters and I want to enjoy it but I definitely feel that it’s losing its way a bit and I’m quite sad about that. This could’ve been a really good rounded out end of life for the show but based on Jean’s reaction to the DNA test of the baby it seems the show might continue and I do worry that it’s going to continue going down the teen drama route rather than what it started out as: an educational piece that also had a lot of comedy and drama elements to it.

What do you think of season three?

Until next time.

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