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The Bold Type Season 2 Review

Is this the most binge watchable show out there?

The Bold Type season two follows our three best friends as they navigate even more through their lives with Jane navigating a new workplace after leaving Scarlett magazine, Kat dealing with her relationship with her girlfriend and all that comes with dating a person of the same sex for the first time, and Sutton dealing with her past and her future in terms of relationships and life.

This season was really fun to watch and had a lot of different layers to it. I really enjoyed seeing Jane‘s character arc from this girl who was at Scarlett and wanted something more to then realising that Scarlett was the place that she belonged. I really loved how they pushed the boundaries on what they spoke about in the magazine and in real life too and how much they explore these areas, because I feel a lot of shows can do a top level review of these things, whereas this show really delves deep with it.

One of these elements was Kat‘s relationship and how her girlfriend felt, after Kat cheated, that she was holding Kat back from exploring her sexuality completely and allowed Kat to have an open relationship for a while to explore other women. I think it was a really mature look at how to deal with a relationship breakdown that doesn’t involve breaking up that so many people in their life will experience, and this gives you a different idea of where it could go.

I feel with The Bold Type it talks about such interesting and intricate topics that other shows just don’t really look at and I really appreciate that as a twenty-something woman. It’s definitely a show that you can watch and relate to the characters but also take so much learning from them too. I love the aspect of them working for a magazine as well, I feel Scarlett is definitely a magazine I would read and I would really enjoy reading, and I definitely feel this is a show that just keeps getting better. I thought season one was good but this season was so much more.

I highly recommend The Bold Type, especially if you’re looking for a series that is a lot of fun and very lighthearted, but also looks at deeper issues too that young women do face and go through within their lives.

What do you think of season two?

Until next time.

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