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Top 10 Reviews – September 2021

September was a fascinating month for me outside of the blog from starting up my weekly Great British Bake Off bakes which you can find if you click here, to starting a new job, it was all go, go, go! But my blog still had a fantastic month and let’s see what you’ve been loving as well.

Squid Game

I am not surprised that this was my number one read review of the month! Squid Game is an absolutely fantastic series that you have to watch on Netflix immediately if you haven’t, and if you have, read my review and see if you agree with my thoughts.

Yes, God, Yes

Who would’ve thought this would be my second most read review of September? Yes, God, Yes was a very intriguing film that I don’t think I fully understood because I’m not religious, but what do you think?

Martyrs Lane

A film I was sent as a screener and I’m so grateful for it. If you’re looking for a good Halloween horror that might be a bit different you should check this one out.

The Last Days

An interesting look at the Holocaust from people who were actually there. This included a fantastic moment between a Nazi doctor meeting a woman who survived the Holocaust, however her sister didn’t and was experimented on…

Sex Education Season Three

I love this show! I have been obsessed with this show since it began but I do feel it might of run its course now. Is the show becoming too samey to all other teen dramas?

Death Becomes Her

I had heard so much about this film but I didn’t realise just how camp it was or how much I would enjoy it. It’s definitely one that I think you should watch, especially with Halloween coming up.

Top 10 Reviews – August 2021

It’s interesting to see my last months top reviews be with my most read this month, but if this doesn’t show consistency I don’t know what does! Want another top 10 list? I have plenty more if you search for them.

The Nilsen Tapes

A controversial review about how I feel true crime documentaries focus on a select few criminals and how we should branch that out to give more victims a voice.


A film I really wish I hadn’t watched. It had a great premise but a terrible execution and I highly don’t recommend this film.

All Stars 6

I love me a bit of Drag Race but this is just getting a bit ridiculous now. Is it time that Drag Race took a break or at least stopped showing multiple seasons at the same time?

As we say hello to autumn I am excited to see what the next three months of this year will bring and I’m so thankful for the support you have shown me over the last few months. I am only a few thousand views away from my yearly goal and I can hardly believe it so thank you once again!

Until next time.

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