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Little Mix-ing It Up a Bit Too Much?

I don’t dive into music too much but I have opinions on this one.

As we all know by now Jesy Nelson left Little Mix in a blaze of glory citing issues with her mental health and not feeling good enough against the other girls. Now whichever side you take, you always have to put your self first, and if you are having issues you have to do what’s best so hopefully it’s not all too much and I hope she is finally getting on the road of her recovery and happiness.

And so Jesy has bought out her first single called Boyz that features Nicki Minaj. Now it’s obvious that she is trying to break into the American market, she has clearly made her name in the UK with Little Mix and now she’s trying to branch out in a new continent. You can tell this by the influences in the video, the inclusion of P. Diddy and Nicki Minaj being big household names over there, and the fact that the whole thing just feels very stylised in an American way.

I have seen a lot of people compare this song to Cher Lloyd and listening to it multiple times now I too hear the influences and I don’t think that’s a good thing. Of course if this is the sort of music that Jesy wants to make then good for her, she should do what she wants to do, but that does not mean an audience has to enjoy it and I only believe this song may blow up as much as it might is due to the fact that she was in a girl band that had drama.

I compare her to Zayn Malik. He left One Direction to pursue his own solo career in the same sort of blaze of glory and his first single did very well, I remember when it came out with all the craziness that happened with it and I feel Jesy is going to go down a similar path and that her song will blow up really well because of her ties to Little Mix and the drama there. But as her career continues her main fans will stick with her yes, but I don’t think she’s going to gain much more notoriety because to me, she’s not that great as a solo artist and I don’t see her music being something that memorable or exciting in the charts.

I also feel with Jesy she’s had a lot of scandal in her wake. She has caused a lot of aggro especially in the social media land of Twitter and it’s very hard not to reference or notice that even in the music video. With Nicki Minaj you can’t really tell which one is supposed to be nonwhite because of how much she seems to tan herself, do I think that’s black fishing? Personally I’m on the fence with that, in some ways yes I can see new fans thinking that she isn’t a white woman, but at the same time I wonder if that is what she is comfortable with and that’s why she does it? Much like her leaving Little Mix and her doing this style of music.

I feel there is a lot of issues with Jesy and personally for me, especially as I had this time in my life too, she needs a time out to really focus on herself and be happy. You can tell by the way she talks about herself in the media and her life that she is not happy with herself and until you are truly happy with yourself you will never be your best self because you’re always going to have things that hinder you and hold you back. It’s got to be horrible being in the public eye for everything but you can’t allow other peoples’ opinions to scare you and change you so much that you end up looking like a different race, you should be doing what’s best for you and I really don’t think she is.

It’ll be interesting to see where her music career goes because I personally do not see it going very far. She is going to have a dedicated fan base that will love her but they’re going to grow out of her at some point and I don’t see her music gaining new fans. People listen to this song because of the drama of Little Mix not because they enjoy the music, and as soon as that boat has left, unless she can crack America I see her falling off pretty quick.

What do you think of Jesy Nelson’s single, Boyz?

Until next time.

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