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There’s Someone Inside Your House Review

I wonder if this film could’ve been better as a TV series because then we would’ve got to know the characters more.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is a teen horror drama that follows a group of friends who are in school and people around them are being murdered, but before they are murdered their deepest, darkest secrets are being shared. So not only do they have the fear of being killed they also have the fear of everyone knowing their secrets too.

The USP of this film I feel is that the murderer wears a mask of the people they are going to murder during the act, and to see a teenage boy wearing a mask of his father’s face was very weird to see because it just looks so unnatural and strange. It wasn’t a horrifying image at all, it was more a confused ‘why are you doing this?’ feeling.

I also feel the name of the film doesn’t make much sense to the actual contents of the film. There’s Someone Inside Your House makes me feel like it’s all happening in one home or at a house party and people have been killed off one by one, like in Scream the movie. However the secret element was the interesting part of it, if it was called Your Secrets or The Secret is Out or whatever maybe it would’ve been more coherent.

I’ve already spoken about Scream the movie and how that seems much more like the title of There’s Someone Inside Your House, but this film really reminds me of Scream the TV series and that’s why I wonder, even though they are very similar, whether this film would be a bit better as a TV show and each episode concentrating on a different character. Because you’d get to know them more and as I saw these people being murdered I didn’t really care much about them or what they were going through, and really it felt like any other teen horror that was quite vapid.

If you’re into these sorts of movies then I think you would really enjoy it because it’s very stereotypical and sticks to the usual horror narrative, however there are many better films that do this sort of stuff and films that are quite classic too that you’d be better off putting your time and energy into. I’m not saying it’s a bad film, I just feel it’s been done before and adds nothing new to the genre.

What do you think of There’s Someone Inside Your House?

Until next time.

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