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Pitch Perfect Review

Of course I had to go back and review this film! I never really want to watch it but once I do I feel instant serotonin from it.

Pitch Perfect follows an acappella group called the Barden Bellas who want to compete in the Nationals and sing great songs, however the last group of the Barden Bellas have graduated college and so they need a new group, and this is where the misfits come in.

From Becca only doing it to please her dad who really wants to be a DJ to Fat Amy a.k.a. Fat Patricia and her madness, to Stacey the sex crazed one, and even Lilly the one who is silent, it’s such a great cast and such great characters that you can really connect to and find a lot of humour in.

I feel this is one those movies that is so popular but also underrated. Now that it’s been out nearly 10 years it’s one film that everyone saw when it came out but slowly fizzled out and the excitement of acappella groups fizzled too. But if you do go back and watch it you have that instant fun again that you missed from watching it the first time, and while it may not be your first choice to pick up and watch again, I definitely recommend you do because it is just so great.

The musical numbers are fantastic, the storyline is really interesting, I love the inclusion of the films and how Becca is all about music and Jesse is all about movies and so he opens her eyes up to The Breakfast Club etc. Those sort of things are really reminiscent of college times, getting to know people and all those romances.

I highly recommend you go back and watch this film again because it is really fantastic. I’m not a big fan of the puke jokes, I find that really gross and just weird and so I could do without that, but the rest of the film still holds up really well and is such an enjoyable watch if you can get past all the puking.

What do you think of Pitch Perfect?

Until next time.

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