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Paddington Review

I can finally see why everyone loves this movie.

Paddington follows Paddington bear as he travels from darkest Peru to London, where he meets the Brown family who take him in as an orphan.

Things don’t go easy however as Paddington causes some ruckus at their own home, as well as a woman who enjoys taxidermy and exotic animals wants the bear for her collection.

This is a really sweet and simple movie about a young soul moving across the world to a place he does not know and hoping the kindness of strangers will help him find his place.

The CGI in this movie was really well done. Paddington looks absolutely adorable and he really fit the whole mood of the film, there was never a moment where I realised he wasn’t actually there, and all the actors worked wonderfully around this element too.

I also really enjoyed seeing all of the different celebrities that were part of this movie. I didn’t expect people like Peter Capaldi or a guy from Horrible Histories to show up, and seeing them was really fun and added that extra bit of a movie magic to the whole thing.

I definitely feel this is a movie that the whole family can enjoy. The kids can enjoy the silly fun-ness of it, and the adults can enjoy the sweet, heartwarming moments too. I can’t see an audience that this film wouldn’t work for as it’s so funny and witty and cute, and really make you feel for the character of Paddington as well as everyone else around him.

Having a huge amount of Wanderlust for London at the moment watching this made me want to go back so bad! It’s been years since I’ve been to the Natural History Museum so I’m definitely missing that too, but I highly recommend this film as it is just a delight and I can’t wait to watch the sequel.

What do you think of Paddington?

Until next time.

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