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Amazing Vacation Rentals Review

Isn’t it insane how much social media has influenced our holidays?

Amazing Vacation Rentals takes you around the world looking at different Airbnbs that you can stay at. These include budget holidays from as little as $20 a night to luxury holidays on yachts with your own chefs and staff that wait on you hand and foot.

This series was really interesting because it gives you a different way of looking at travel and places that you can go. As they use a lot of Airbnbs you really get to see more beyond hotels and you get to see the rich culture and lifestyle that these local people have that you can integrate yourself into.

I did find it fascinating how even the budget holidays were very picturesque, they were very intriguing to look at and you can imagine if you were staying at these places despite the low cost, the amount of excitement you could build for them on social media.

Before when you go on holidays you take holiday pictures and do a little slideshow for your friends and family when you get home, but now with social media being so prevalent you want to stay in places that look and seem different and unique because you want to show that off to everyone. It’s not just about the people you care about the most anymore, it’s about showing off to even strangers ‘look how great my life is and where I’m staying’, it’s fascinating that people put so much more on to the appearance of the place rather than the experience because they want to show off to their followers.

This is a really interesting show especially if you want to explore new places that you wouldn’t before. I think it really gives you options that you can just run with and look at for your next holiday and think ‘let’s not stay in a simple hotel, let’s look at Airbnbs’ let’s look at treehouses and boats and villas and see what’s out there because there is so much choice now that staying in a Premier Inn isn’t even option number one anymore.

What do you think of Amazing Vacation Rentals?

Until next time.

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