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Attack of the Hollywood Cliches! Review

I don’t know why but this show reminded me of Christmas and how you always had movie mistakes and shows like that on around that time. It made me feel really warm and snuggly.

Attack of the Hollywood Cliches looks at Hollywood cliches and breaks them down in different types of movies including the kissing in the rain scene, the standing apart from a funeral scene, the rogue cop character and a whole host of others. It was really fun to watch and now watching films since watching this show I can no longer watch them as normal films, I just notice all of the cliches that I never would’ve before!

I feel this is the sort of show that any movie buff should watch just because it’s really fun and funny. It shows you the origins of these cliches, why they have become a thing, where they came from and what purpose they serve in the film too. I really enjoyed that element and I also enjoyed the thought of knowing that these cliches are there and seeing what films do with them in the future and whether they use them at all, because I feel you can only do a cliche so much before they become boring. I’m excited to see what Hollywood brings to the table to liven it up a bit again.

This is a really easy show to watch. It’s only one episode and it’s really fun and different. If you want to get into media or you enjoy watching films or you’re a budding filmmaker yourself and you want to see what cliches you’ve ended up writing into your script then give this a go because I’m sure once you see it, you’ll never be able to unsee it, and it’ll make the film going experience so much more interesting.

What is your favourite Hollywood cliche?

Until next time.

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