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No Time To Die Review

I make it no secret that I am not a Bond girl, I don’t enjoy James Bond much and I only saw this movie because my boyfriend suggested it and I thought it would make a good review. So actually sitting down and watching it, what did I think?

In No Time To Die we follow Bond chasing down a new villain played by Rami Malek who has ties to James Bond’s love interest in this film as well as her daughter. It’s interesting how this movie plays with chemical warfare and how it seems very futuristic but very plausible. The idea that nanobots could infect your DNA so that when they infect the correct DNA they kill that person instantly but the people that are not targeted will have it within their system but will not be affected at all is very intricate and dark and really, really fascinating.

This film is long, I won’t lie to you, it’s a very, very long film at nearly 3 hours but for the most part it was very enjoyable. I find sometimes long movies can have too much exposition, too much talking, there are parts you just don’t care about however in Bond I didn’t have too many of those moments. Yes when he was talking to M and having a chat I didn’t really care about the exposition, a lot of Easter eggs went over my head because I haven’t seen many of the other Bond movies however, when we got to the action and the nitty-gritty of it all, I really enjoyed that and it definitely kept me engaged because it was so well executed.

In this film we got different characters as well. So of course Bond is meant to be retired and so they have given the role of 007 to a new agent who is a woman. I find this inclusion really interesting because there is so much talk of Daniel Craig leaving and the possibility of having a woman play Bond, I wonder if this was a little teaser at that to see how the audience responded to that character. I thought she was incredibly well done, she was very strong, very interesting and I would like to get to know more about her if she is used in the next few films that come about.

Another character I absolutely loved was Ana De Armas’ character, a woman who just seems to come out of nowhere and has say 20 minutes of screen time but is absolutely fantastic. She is funny, she is gorgeous and she has that action that I really appreciate from these sort of films. She wore a very low cut dress and I’m amazed nothing fell out during her fight scene, but she bought that bad ass woman role to the film and I really appreciated that and that was something that I wanted to see more from Bond is the Bond girls being more than just a pretty face and having some awesomeness behind them too.

If I had one complaint about this film it would be that Rami Malek personally for me is too young for the role he was playing. We see Rami at the start of the film when the main female actress is still a child and then we see him again as the main villain when that actress is now an adult and for me he just looked too young. Maybe it’s because he was an easily recognisable actor and so I could compare his face to others like Bohemian Rhapsody or Night at the Museum, but him being 40 does shock me because he does look so youthful and so for me maybe his age in real life equals to the character but his face was just too young.

Would I recommend this film? To be honest out of all the James Bond films that I have watched, which has mainly been the Daniel Craig ones, I would! It’s one of the more enjoyable ones, I feel that there is more high-stakes in it now that Bond isn’t 007 and doesn’t have to play by the same rules and I find it really interesting. I’m not the biggest fan of action movies but this one was enjoyable as I said and I feel anyone could watch and enjoy. Of course if you are a big James Bond fan you’ll be able to see all the Easter eggs and hidden jokes and moments that a casual viewer like myself wouldn’t, but as a casual viewer of it who doesn’t normally like Bond movies this was definitely one that I actually did enjoy and I won’t lie I was not expecting that.

What do you think of No Time To Die?

Until next time.

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