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Only Murders in the Building Review

I haven’t been this obsessed with a show in a long time and I absolutely loved it! From start to finish I couldn’t wait for the next episode.

Only Murders in the Building follows three friends who live in a apartment block in New York where one of their neighbours is murdered. It is ruled as a suicide but they believe otherwise and because these three are true crime podcast fanatics they decide to create their own podcast to document this murder and them piecing together the clues to find out what really happened.

Now that may sound quite dark but this is a fantastic comedy. It is so funny, in the final episode there are moments that had me practically crying because it was so hilarious, and I loved how each of the three characters are fleshed out and really fit their description. You’ve got the old actor who still sees himself in his heyday but is of course past it, you’ve got the musical director that is running out of money which I think anyone in the current climate could compare themselves to, and then you’ve got the young millennial who is just trying to deal with these two old men and their fanatic fantasies.

As the series goes on you learn more about these characters and you learn that everyone has their secrets and whether they are light-hearted secrets or more dark they are things that will be unravelled throughout the show and really add to the storyline and the depth of it all. I really enjoyed watching the three characters because you really got to know them as well as the people that they were dealing with, being in an apartment block there’s so many different characters and they all bring something exciting to the story, even the inclusion of Sting which was a bit weird, and no one felt one note or 2D. Everyone had flesh on their bones (pardon the pun).

Possible spoilers ahead. In episode eight I figured out who the murderer was. I was super, super, super excited over that fact and then the fact that they were presumed dead at the end of that episode absolutely blew my mind. I was shocked, I was angry, I was excited, I was confused, I just didn’t know what to feel! So to find out in the end that they were actually the murderer was so satisfying, and while I guess you could say because I figured it out two episodes before the finale that maybe that makes it a bit obvious, actually there were so many characters that it could’ve been that it still kept you on your toes and even had me second-guessing whether it was really them or if I was reading into things too much. Spoiler end.

I highly, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend this show if you have not watched it! It is one of the best shows to come out of Hulu and it’s so enjoyable. I really hope, and I do believe, that they will be picked up for a second season especially with the cliffhanger they left it on. I will be sorely disappointed if they don’t! It’s one of those shows that even if you’re not into crime dramas this one has that comic relief and the craziness about it that makes it an easy watch for anyone. It’s so binge watchable and I cannot sing its praises enough, it is one of my favourite series to come out of 2021 and that is no exaggeration, it is that good.

What do you think of Only Murders in the Building?

Until next time.

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