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Halloween 2 Review

It has taken me many years to go from watching Halloween to Halloween 2. So, did it hold up as well as the first?

Halloween 2 continues the night of Halloween that we see in the first film with Laurie being transported to the hospital after surviving the attack by Michael Myers. With the continuation of the original story we also see Dr Loomis continue to hunt the killer down and people reeling after what has happened.

I really enjoyed this film because it all happened basically in one location. Almost all of the movie was set in the hospital and that gave it a great claustrophobic feel to it, you only have so many areas you can go to to evade the killer and at some point he’s probably going to catch up with you, which made it very exciting. There were moments that were simple horror cliches that annoyed me like people not just leaving the facility and running somewhere else, but I get that this is a classic movie so those horror tropes weren’t quite so prevalent yet.

It was interesting seeing Halloween the original being so gruesome but not in a gory way to Halloween 2 having so much more gore within it. There were many moments while watching this film that I had to cover my eyes because it just grossed me out too much. I did find the explosion at the start a bit ridiculous but it’s a sequel and it’s got to one up the original and so I get why it was done, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it.

Halloween 2 is a great film to watch if you have watched the original many times. I really enjoyed it and I liked the continuation of the story being on the same night which made the fact that it was still Halloween make sense, and I definitely don’t see this film being too much or too overdone like the rest of the sequels may be.

I am intrigued though if they were to continue into Halloween 3, which we know they did, why give Michael such a specific end to his life? In some ways it almost cemented to me that another film couldn’t really be born from this and made me wonder how they were to continue it on. That makes me want to watch the next film even more, so good tactics from the Director there.

What do you think of Halloween 2?

Until next time.

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