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Top 10 Reviews – October 2021

October felt like one minute it was starting and then Halloween happened and next minute it’s nearly Christmas! So I want to take a break before November officially starts in my mind and look back at my top 10 reviews of the month.

Little Mix-ing It Up a Bit Too Much (Jesy Nelson Review)

I don’t often do music reviews but I had to talk about this one because there was so much hype and controversy around it. I’m glad it went down well too because I’d love to do more in the future.

Only Murders in the Building

One of the best series of 2021 that I have watched. This show was incredibly addictive, so well done, and had me going through so many emotions as I watched it.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

A classic teen slasher film that was good but not great. There are better classics out there in my opinion.

Ocean’s Eleven

Finally getting round to watch this film after seeing Ocean’s Eight. I get why it was so popular at the time but watching it now I don’t think I’d rush back to watch again.

The Guilty

This film had a fantastic premise but the actual execution was really underwhelming. I would recommend it if you enjoy slow burn thrillers but otherwise you may find it a bit too tedious.

Britney vs Spears

A Britney Spears documentary that I think may be one of the best. It really goes in depth with everything that surrounded Britney Spears and her family and really looks at it on a deeper level than I’ve seen from others.

No Time to Die

I’ve made it very clear that I am not a Bond girl however I really enjoyed this film and I think it’s because they tried something new with it that hasn’t been done before. I really appreciated that and it gives me hope for the future of the James Bond series.

Attack of the Hollywood Cliches

I absolutely loved this! It was a really fun little show you can spend some time watching and realising how many cliches there actually are in many areas of Hollywood. If you enjoy films you’ll enjoy this.

Amazing Vacation Rentals

As someone who wants to do more travelling once the world opens up properly again and is much more safer this show was fantastic to watch to get some inspiration that is beyond staying in hotels.

Pitch Perfect

A film I decided to go back and watch and I’m so glad I did. The serotonin was strong with this one and it’s definitely one of those films that could slip under your radar now it’s been out for awhile but still holds up brilliantly and is such a joy to watch.

Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout October! I’m excited to see what November brings and you know what this means…it’s the beginning of Christmas advert reviews!

Until next time.

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