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You Season 3 Review

I really enjoyed this season because it went down a different route. Usually Joe is on his own staking out a new love interest however this time, being married and with a baby, lots of new complications came to the table.

As we saw at the end of season two Love comes out saying that she is pregnant and her and Joe decide to get married. We also see that Love is just as crazy as Joe and so there is an interesting dynamic between him and his female counterpart, rather than her just being a simple victim, she actually has a lot of darkness within her too.

This season starts out as almost a murderer in suburbia situation where Joe becomes interested in their next door neighbour and Love with her jealousy kills her. This means that the couple now have to cover up this crime as well as keeping up their appearances in the suburbia where everything seems very tight knit and everything has to be perfect.

I really enjoyed the fact that you had the marriage and baby element to it all. With Joe not wanting his son to go through what he did in his life as well as him dealing with the fact that he loves his wife and knows she deserves a great life but also not being able to suppress his urges to stalk other women. As well as Love finding an interest in her neighbour’s son and starting a romantic thing with him. There’s a lot of layers to this season and I really appreciate that because it kept everything interesting.

I know people who have fallen off of watching You because the last two seasons were quite similar and I do really want to push the fact that this season is something new and completely different and so it would be a shame not to watch it if you did enjoy it previously. That’s part of the reason why I wish that this season was the last. At the end of the show we do see that You is coming back for season four, personally for me I don’t think it’s needed. I think the way that it ended was really fascinating and although it didn’t tie up all the loose ends it definitely gave me a sense of ending that I really enjoyed. I don’t know what they could do with a season four and I worry that now that certain characters are gone from the show it will just end up reverting back to what season one and two were.

I highly recommend this series even if you did get a bit bored of season two being similar to season one. This brings something completely new to the table and because there were so many layers and different storylines going on you had lots of things to keep you engaged and watching on to see what happens next. I just hope they don’t ruin it with season four.

What do you think of You season three?

Until next time.

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