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Inside Job Review

I binge watched this show in a day. It reminds me of Rick and Morty and Big Mouth in that it is an adult animation, but in some ways, I don’t feel it’s as strong as those shows.

Inside Job follows basically the higher-ups that we’re all terrified of in conspiracy theories. They’re the ones that create the conspiracies and help make them the crazy things that they are rather than things that could be seen as reality.

We follow Reagan, a girl whose father used to work in the company but got fired and now she is hoping to take the reins. We see her battle with not only her team members and a new guy who doesn’t quite fit the mould of the company but also the fact that conspiracy theories are getting crazier and they have to be able to keep up with that to stop people finding out the truth.

As someone who loves conspiracy theories and questioning everything this sounded right up my street. I feel if you understand the levels of conspiracy theories from the Mandela affect to Lizard people to the flat Earth you’d really enjoy this show but if you don’t understand those things already they’re not really explained to you and so they could go over your head quite easily.

This show was really interesting and did have some very good moments to it however I don’t feel the storyline was that strong. The ending made up for it because we saw Reagan’s character change and her character growth etc. but to get to that point there were moments that I didn’t really care for and I could easily have it on in the background while I was doing other stuff and I wouldn’t miss anything important.

If you’re into conspiracy theories and adult animation I think you could enjoy this show, however, if you’re not I would probably give it a miss. The comedy isn’t the strongest, the characters are interesting but aren’t too well fleshed out, and to be honest if they made a season two I probably wouldn’t watch it.

What do you think of Inside Job?

Until next time.

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