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The Sound of Music Review

So I finally got round to watching this movie and this was the first movie I’ve ever seen with an intermission and it was…interesting.

The Sound of Music everyone knows, there’s no point going into the storyline, although I will say there were a few songs that just seemed to never stop! Do Re Mi is a wonderful song, it’s one I used to sing when I was a child despite never seeing this movie, yet it just never seemed to stop! There’s only so many time you hear the words Do Re Mi Far So La Tea Go in one go without wanting to tear your hair out. Again with the au revoir song, it was great the first time and then to hear it again, and while I get the significance of it, it was quite draggy.

You can clearly see why this movie was so popular, it is a great movie, it’s funny, it’s clever, it’s interesting and I did enjoy it. The only issue I have with the movie really is the points I said above, but would I recommend it?

Interestingly I feel this movie has held up quite well and so I do think even if you’re watching it for the first time or the hundredth time you could still enjoy it. It is a long movie unsurprisingly but it seems to have a lot going on, and while it does take a while to get to the main conflicts, it is still quite an interesting to watch. I especially felt the second half of the movie went a lot quicker than the first because there was so much more going on.

Would I watch it again? Not alone but maybe if it was on with the family or something, I could sit through it. I did enjoy this movie but I just feel it’s one of those movies that isn’t really my core love. I enjoy horrors, I enjoy stories that have proper grip to them and this was just a lovely story about a nun becoming a nanny, becoming a mother, with a sprinkle of Nazis thrown in. I just don’t think for me personally I would enjoy it again but if you love musicals and you love classic movies then I definitely feel you would love it again and again.

What do you think of The Sound of Music?

Until next time.


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