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It’s the Very Best Excuse Review

Christmas adverts just seems to be getting released quicker and quicker every year, I swear soon we’ll be starting the adverts in July.

The Very Christmas advert is all about how Christmas is the perfect excuse to do what you want whether that’s celebrating early, using your kids as tools to clean the house because they want a very special gift, or even buying yourself something that you wouldn’t normally because it’s Christmas and you can.

It’s a simple advert, only 30 seconds long, and gets the point across that you should be treating yourself at Christmas especially after the couple of years that we have had thanks to the pandemic. However I’m not getting much Very from it. I don’t shop at Very, I don’t really know what they sell, and so being a new customer to them this advert gave me nothing new to really dive in to or react to. It was just a very simple advert that got across the point that you should be buying stuff and that stuff you are buying you should be buying with them.

As the first Christmas advert I have seen this year it didn’t fill me with Christmas excitement. It was cute to see the jumpers and the tree and the mince pies etc. but apart from that I wasn’t getting much Christmas spirit from it and I don’t think it really makes me want to shop at Very either.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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