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Unexpected Guest Review

The issue with John Lewis is that there is so much hype around their Christmas advert now that if it doesn’t deliver exactly what everyone wants it’s not good enough. I have seen a lot of differing opinions on this advert already yet I think it’s magnificent.

The John Lewis Christmas advert follows an alien that has fallen to earth and a young boy finds it and while they are repairing its ship he teaches them all about the wonders of Christmas from light up jumpers to mince pies to snow. That feeling of magic that you only get around Christmas time.

With a cover of Electric Dreams which I think fits the aesthetic of the advert well this advert really reminds you of how privileged and lucky we are to be able to celebrate Christmas, especially after the Christmas we had last year where certain areas of the UK were put into lockdown where they couldn’t even celebrate Christmas with their families or see anyone outside of their household. To think that we could have an almost normal Christmas this year is so special and so wonderful and not something that we should take for granted.

That’s what I love about this Christmas advert. We see Christmas through the alien’s eyes of learning everything as new, never seeing a light up jumper before, never experiencing the taste of a mince pie or the excitement of snowfall, these are all things that are so small but make up that magic of Christmas and we take for granted so easily. I believe that after the years we’ve had we deserve to look at the little things and really relish in those moments because they’re what make the big moments feel so amazing. Even if it is savouring that last roast potato at Christmas dinner or reading through your cards even more carefully than before or buying gifts for people that you might not of before we can make the magic of Christmas feel even more special.

I really enjoyed this advert. I do feel sometimes John Lewis adverts can be a bit hit or miss but this one really gave me that feeling of magic and excitement for Christmas despite it being a sunny day in November.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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