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Percy Pig Comes Alive Review

The monopoly Percy Pig has on kids sweets these days is kind of scary but I love him nonetheless.

In this advert we see Percy Pig (played by Tom Holland) accidentally come to life from a fairy on the top of the tree played by Dawn French. You can tell they’ve made a lot of money the last year by the fact that they got Dawn French and Tom Holland in the advert.

Percy then goes around the food hall of Marks & Spencer and finds lots of yummy Christmas treats that Dawn French then explains to him what it is. This is like the usual M&S Christmas adverts where you hear a voice over talk seductively about the food, but in this advert we have the pig included too which children will enjoy watching.

You know off the back of this advert kids are going to be screaming for their own Percy Pig toy and they will sell millions. The amount of Percy Pig merchandise that M&S sell is actually kind of scary, and while I don’t love Percy as a sweet because it’s not really my kind of texture, I can appreciate a good marketing campaign and clearly if something is working why would you try and change it?

I always adore M&S adverts at Christmas because their food looks incredible. Every year I go through their Christmas selection on their website just dreaming of my perfect Christmas with Marks & Spencer food because it is that delicious. I appreciated that even though they made Percy Pig come alive this year and had it all a bit more family friendly the sexualisation of the food was still there and I could really enjoy that part.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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