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Bags of Joy Review

This was the first Christmas advert to make me cry this year.

Boots really outdid themselves as this advert had it all, the perfect components of a Christmas advert rolled into one. You had the festivities and fun, the whimsical magic, as well as a very cute dog, and that feeling of warmth that you only get with Christmas time. It really encapsulated that feeling of Christmas without being too overboard on the commercial side of what they were trying to sell to you.

Of course in this advert there were many, many gifts being shown but all of them worked with what was happening on screen, and having it all formed around a gift that was given to the main character played by Jenna Coleman, and then seeing that gift give more gifts to other people it was a really cute story and really gave you that familiar happy feeling of Christmas.

I did wonder as the advert is three minutes long and it started with Jenna in her bedroom just surrounded by lots of make up I worried they were only going to go down the make up route. Boots do so many different things that they could’ve easily incorporated them all but then the advert continued and you see more things being incorporated it did remind you that Boots isn’t just a cosmetic store but does electrical items and family items and basically anything you could really need. It really showed itself to be the place to go to on the High Street to get everything that you could want in one place and without having to wait for delivery.

I really enjoyed this advert. It encapsulated everything I love about Christmas and wasn’t too on the nose about trying to sell you things, it sold you things through the story of you imagining giving those gifts to your loved ones, much like the characters in this did. You are really able to connect with the characters because everyone wants that perfect Christmas magic and that was exactly what was shown in this advert.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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