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Make the Season Anything but Ordinary Review

Eh, I prefer the Percy Pig one.

Make the Season Anything but Ordinary is the 2021 Christmas advert for M&S. I have already reviewed the M&S food one and so seeing this one off the back of that I didn’t enjoy it as much. I felt the Percy Pig advert was fun entertaining and really made me excited for the food of Christmas, however this one didn’t make me excited for any other part of Christmas, I just felt it was a bit too whimsical.

In the advert we see a woman step out of the reality of mundane life and go into this wonderful world of Christmas where everything is black and gold and glitzy and, as the advert is titled, anything but ordinary. However it didn’t get me in the Christmas spirit, it didn’t make me excited for Christmas, it just made me feel like I’m not middle class enough to really understand this advert (that is a joke!).

Maybe it’s not for my age range, maybe I’m not the target audience, maybe I just don’t get it because Christmas isn’t like that for me, but this advert wasn’t that good in my eyes and didn’t inspire me to buy anything from M&S either. However the M&S Christmas food advert did because the food looked delicious and you can tell a lot of thought was put into the presentation of that to make it so inviting.

In my list of Christmas adverts this will definitely be a low one as it just did not put me in the Christmas spirit and did not make me want to buy from Marks & Spencer either.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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