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Red Notice Review

I have found a real soft spot for heist movies and I feel this film reminded me of The Hustle, but so much classier.

Red Notice follows an art thief, played by Ryan Reynolds, who gets caught by an agent, who is played by Dwayne The Rock Johnson. However The Rock is double crossed by another agent and ends up in the same jail as Ryan Reynolds and they realise they have to break out to take down the master art thief that has caused all these issues, who is played by Gal Gadot.

This film is a great mixture between action, comedy and crime. It has all the elements that you really enjoy without being too gritty or too dark or too comical. It really walks a fine line between being hilarious but also being entertaining beyond the hilarity, you don’t just watch it for the comedy, you watch it for the car chases and the fight scenes and everything else too. My only issue with this film is that it did have a few twists and turns and after a while these twists, in my mind anyway, seemed to get a bit overdone and a bit ridiculous. I get why they did it and it keeps the storyline going and keep you interested, but for me, it just got a bit too confusing.

I really enjoyed the characters that we had in this film, however I do feel, apart from Gal Gadot who really played up to this fun and sweet but also very cunning and ruthless character, The Rock and Ryan Reynolds were basically just playing themselves. Ryan Reynolds literally just played Deadpool and has done in every single film since that one and The Rock is such a recognisable badass it’s hard for him to play anything different.

Despite some little issues with this film I did thoroughly enjoy it. It is a film that I would watch again if other people wanted to watch it with me and it would be a film that I would recommend if you are looking for this sort of heist movie and enjoy the actors already. I feel putting the three together was a really good casting choice because they work incredibly well together and you really believe their relationships and chemistry on screen.

Let me know what you think of Red Notice!

Until next time.

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