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Love Hard Review

I’m not one for Christmas films, especially romantic Christmas films, but it seems being in a long term relationship now has change that for me.

Love Hard is a very interesting story about a column writer who goes on lots of dates and it never works out. She decides to broaden her horizons of who she can match with online and matches with a guy who she thinks is perfect. She decides to visit him for Christmas and that’s when she realises she is being catfished.

However the guy that catfished her is happy to help her actually win over the guy that was in the pictures to begin with, as he knows him, as long as she pretends that she is in a relationship with him for his family over Christmas. it’s a simple premise really and it’s very cute. I like how it had a lot of references that especially people my age could really enjoy.

This movie is called Love Hard because it’s an amalgamation of Love Actually and Die Hard. I don’t feel that message comes across until you watch the film but then it just makes it all come together and feel really sweet and cosy. The moral of the story is that you should always be yourself and that you should find someone who loves you for you and you should never be fake, because you’re not only lying to yourself, but lying to the other person who thinks you are something that you are not. It has great morals, it’s a cute little Christmas film, and despite my constant hatred of romantic comedies this is one that I really did enjoy.

If you’re looking for a sweet light-hearted fun and funny Christmas movie to watch with your family, with your partner, or even with your friends this is a great option. It’s simple but it’s affective and I don’t think it’s too cheesy. All the references that it makes, make sense to the storyline and you really buy into this world they have created and enjoy it for what it is, rather than enjoying it because it’s super cringy.

What do you think of Love Hard?

Until next time.

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