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Great British Bake Off 2021 Review

There’s just something about bakers coming together in a tent to bake delicious food that makes me so emotional.

2021 Great British Bake Off was just like all the others and that means it was fabulous. What can you really say about the Great British Bake Off that hasn’t been said by every other season prior to it? It has its ups and downs, it has wonderful, lovable people, and you really get that sense of pride watching it because not only does it motivate you to start baking yourself (as it did me) but also in seeing these people from different walks of life come together and work together to help create incredible bakes.

The spotlight from the beginning was on Jürgen and Giuseppe. Those two men were absolutely incredible bakers and Giuseppe completely deserved his win because, not only has he been consistent throughout the show, he had shown personal growth and I believe he was the best in the finale too.

But I love that bakers from all walks of life can go on the show. Giuseppe was from Italy, Jürgen was from Germany, Chigs had only been baking for just over a year and Freya was vegan. All of them had fantastic back stories and qualities that made their bakes unique to them and really made them a joy to watch.

Bake Off is one of those shows that I will watch every year regardless of what I’m doing because it is always a ray of sunshine. Each week we learn about new and exciting bakes that we might not have heard of before and seeing the turmoils the bakers go through as well as the celebrations really makes you feel for them and also makes you wonder how hard the bakes actually are to do.

This season of Bake Off inspired me more than any other season has before. On YouTube I started baking this year and decided to do a Shona Bakes with Bake Off every single week along with the theme of that episode, and while it was a challenge at times and took a lot of bravery, the amount of pride I felt for myself was indescribable. And while I was only doing it to an audience of 100 on YouTube I can’t imagine what it must be like to do it to an audience of Paul and Pru who are seasoned veterans in the game.

I obviously recommend Bake Off. I love Bake Off. It is one of my favourite shows of the year every year and this year was no exception, however the fact that Giuseppe won and now Italy have won the Euros, Eurovision, and Bake Off is a bit of a surprise! But hey, maybe England will get their crowning glory one day, but I’m not putting any money on it.

If you want to see all my Shona Bakes with Bake Off videos I will link the playlist here for you to watch. I highly recommend them as not only is it very fun to see me make the bakes but a lot of tomfoolery happens too that makes them not all as they seem.

What do you think of the Great British Bake Off?

Until next time.

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