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Selling Sunset Season 4 Review

This season was all about Christine and she wasn’t even meant to be a main part of it because she just had a baby.

Selling Sunset season four follows the same group of women and the twin brothers who own a real estate business as they try to sell luxury houses in Los Angeles, however this season has a slight change as Christine is not part of the selling business due to her just having a baby, and her replacement is a woman called Emma who also replaced her in an old relationship she used to have.

However despite Christine supposed to be dealing with a newborn, the whole season encapsulated her. No scene went by without someone talking about her and she seemed to be the Queen bee of everything that was going on. She was most definitely the villain of the piece and you love to hate her because she was so conniving and untrustworthy, however the season would’ve been nothing without her, so while audiences can say they hated her you know it would’ve been boring otherwise.

I definitely felt this season was different to others. Yes we got to see some luxury buildings and these women trying to sell them but that definitely seemed to take a back seat, and it seems the characters have become their own small celebrities in this world of Selling Sunset and so their personal lives are much more to the forefront instead actually selling the houses, despite that being the initial reason for the show at all.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this season, it was very entertaining. It’s the sort of show that I enjoy watching because it is like looking at how the other half live, however I definitely feel it’s becoming much more of a drama and gossip show than what it was meant to be at the start. The story never really got anywhere, Christine‘s arc never really changed, and all the girls still have an issue with her. I do wonder if we get a season five where the storyline will go because, while there is always interesting stuff to be seen and enjoyed, at the same time it almost seems to be a nonstarter because we never actually get anywhere with the storylines we create.

Of course if you came into the show to look at fancy houses maybe this season isn’t the one for you because that is definitely part of the backdrop and not the forefront of the show anymore. However if you follow the show to look at the women and their lives and everything that’s going on with them then this is the season for you. It will have you laughing, it will have you angry, and it will have you wondering: is Christine really as bad as she seems or is she just playing it up for the camera?

What do you think of Selling Sunset season four?

Until next time.

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