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Tiger King 2 Review

In some ways I wondered if Tiger King 2 wouldn’t hold up to the original. Thinking back to when that came out we were all stuck inside with little to do and all the shows to watch, so now that we have more freedom is it really worth sitting down and re-visiting the show again?

In Tiger King 2 we see what happened after the first Tiger King season dropped on Netflix, where the people that were on it are now, and of course we do get to talk to Joe Exotic while he is in prison for animal abuse and trying to kill Carol Baskin.

However this season wasn’t all about him. Yes of course he is a main component, but a big chunk of the five episodes was put towards Carol Baskin’s missing husband and what could really have happened, and I really enjoyed that. That section remind me of Making a Murderer, where you got to see the backgrounds of not only Carol, but her husband too and how this family man that loved animals actually had a very dark side to him and him going missing isn’t as shocking as it first seemed to be.

But then the show changed from a crime documentary style piece to looking at Joe Exotic’s zoo and the people that now run it and how basically nothing has changed there, and in some ways, how it’s got worse. Joe wasn’t a good man, he exploited the animals, but it seems the people that took over the zoo after him exploit them even more including cutting off their claws which is detrimental to the animal’s health as well as letting animals die in the back of hot vehicles because they wanted a booty call.

If there’s one thing we can take away from this show is that not everything is as it seems and really no person is good or bad, but these animals should be put at the forefront especially for their welfare and care. Regardless of what Joe did or Carol did or anyone else, these animals are innocent in the situation and they should not be exploited in such a way. So while if you wish to watch the show and support that, I don’t believe you should actually support the people that are presented in it, because to me they are huge villains of the piece and these animals deserved better.

What do you think of Tiger King 2?

Until next time.

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