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Kindness, the Greatest Gift Review

Despite Amazon being quite a terrible company they do, do good Christmas adverts, but they should do with all the money that they have in their back pocket!

Kindness, the Greatest Gift follows a girl who seems to have moved to London recently. She is battling with dealing with living in a big city as well as not knowing anyone there and just really finding her place in a world that seems very cold and closed off. We see throughout the advert that she slowly does make friends, especially with one of her neighbours, and suddenly the world is much nicer because we have that connection.

It’s a lovely little advert that shows that even the smallest choices can have a big impact and can really make someone’s day. In the advert we see the neighbour buy the girl a bird feeder because she liked watching her feed the birds, and despite this bird feeder probably being less than a tenner it means so much to the girl because it has sentimental value behind it and shows that someone cared.

I think that’s the big thing to take away for Christmas this year is showing that you actually care and you’re not just buying people tat for the sake of it. So often I feel we get bogged down with having to buy people the biggest, newest, most expensive gifts because that is what is expected by society, when really if you listen to them and hear what they really want those things can matter so much more than say a new phone or the latest games console.

For example, this year I have simply asked from one person to get me a winter headband, a scarf and mittens so I can wear them when I go to the gym in the winter and don’t get too cold. Now that may all together be under £20 but to me that makes a difference between enjoying going to the gym and feeling all cosy versus freezing my butt off because I need to lose weight.

I really enjoyed this advert. As I said I’m not a huge fan of Amazon and their ethics but it is a very sweet advert that reminds you that sometimes the best gift isn’t always the biggest.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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