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When Missing Turns to Murder Review

A fantastic show that looks at 10 different cases where people have gone missing in often mysterious circumstances, only to be found to be murdered and how the case continues from there.

In this British series we follow 10 different cases of people going missing and ending up murdered and how the police and the family deal with that fact, especially if the person who has gone missing has been gone for many years and has only just turned up.

It’s a fantastic look at the British legal system and how they deal with scenarios like this as well as looking at the victims and the murderers and what sort of situation they had. One fact I found baffling was that when an abused person tries to leave their abuser the chance of homicide happening goes up by 900%! That is absolutely terrifying and for anyone who has been in an abusive situation just the thought of that could easily stop you from leaving and keep you trapped in a terrifying point in your life.

If you enjoy true crime then this is a series for you. It looks at lots of different cases, some that have been covered before, but some that even I a true crime aficionado have never even heard of. I really appreciated that it didn’t just cover obvious national stories but covered things from decades ago that only recently have had significant evidence bought forward with them.

I also enjoyed at the end of each episode you got to find out where this case was now, how things have changed in the victim’s families lives but also where the perpetrator is now and what they’re doing. It was disgusting to know that some of them were free from jail having served their sentence, some were hoping for parole which personally I hope they never get, and some still haven’t revealed where their victim’s body is and the family have to deal with that grief of never being able to lay their loved one to rest.

What do you think of When Missing Turns to Murder?

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  1. I was watching the Danielle case over and over and over again my mind just couldn’t understand the why’s to him never letting know however I’m probably no where near being anyone but I just thought it was odd no one looked into his job he went that day she went missing what if?, what if put her in a place of work under the decking, I no there a 1 in a million of ever being right but what if


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