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Make Christmas Spectacular Review

I didn’t expect much from this advert but it really surprised me.

Make Christmas Spectacular is Asda‘s Christmas advert for this year and it follows a family going to Asda to do some Christmas shopping when they are suddenly thrust onto an ice rink and we are led through different Christmas scenarios all the way from Christmas plays, to kids falling asleep on the big day, and much more.

This advert was really cute and creative because it reminded you of all the stages of Christmas and that it isn’t just about the big day. Yes of course the advert sprinkled in their own marketing like the Christmas food they have but that wasn’t the full point of the advert, the point was to get across the many parts that make up the big day of Christmas and how all of them can be truly wonderful if you really make them so.

I enjoyed this advert. It wasn’t what I expected but I really appreciated it and it definitely showed you all the small moments that make up the festive period. For me at least, it got me excited to go through them, from Christmas lights turning on, to the big feast on Christmas Day, to spending time with family and seeing Christmas plays, it all encapsulates that lovely feeling of festivity and I honestly can’t wait for it.

I definitely feel, especially with the difference between price points this advert could easily be up there with the M&S Percy Pig advert.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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