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Aldi Christmas Advert 2021 Review

Okay but can we talk about the giant scary snowman that appeared for like two seconds…what was up with that?

Aldi have become the John Lewis of food Christmas adverts. Every year everyone is waiting to see what Aldi does with Kevin the carrot because he has become a staple of British Christmas and this year I was worried it would disappoint.

This year we saw Scrooge being played by a banana going around Christmas being Scrooge as we all know in a Christmas Carol, and then being visited by Kevin the carrot’s ghost and being shown how wonderful Christmas truly is and how Christmas is all a mindset and if he is kind then Christmas will be great for everyone despite him being left behind by Santa. But really, who gives Santa a banana on Christmas Eve?

This was a very condensed advert which I appreciated and it had lots of funny little moments including Cuthbert the caterpillar being arrested (which I appreciated), a lot of food puns and just a merry little story that we all know and love but reimagined in a way that felt like it was fresh and new again.

I was scared I would be disappointed by this advert. I have grown to love Kevin so much and when I saw teaser adverts for this advert which is apparently a thing now, and saw that Kevin wasn’t involved in them I worried that they had decided to shelve him, and while he only came back as a ghost seeing him still made me very happy. While Aldi isn’t a shop that I go to because I’m not the biggest fan of them, their advert always make me smile at Christmas.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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