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The Lonely Bounty Review

Okay this is going to be a controversial review as I have a lot of thoughts, not only about the advert but about the whole concept in its entirety, so get ready.

The Lonely Bounty follows the life of the Celebrations most unloved chocolate, the bounty, a piece of chocolate filled with coconut that is absolutely disgusting in my opinion. It is up there with snickers.

In the advert you see how lonely this bounty really is, how it has no matches on an online chocolate dating site, how it has no friends and how no one wants it until it finds a lowly Brussel sprout that will love them for who they are because, and I quote, they’re a thick piece of chocolate filled with moist coconut. The sexualisation of chocolate here makes me uncomfortable, it’s not like M&S.

At the end of the advert you see that they talk about a return service for bounties where you can return your unwanted chocolate in January, however if this makes a national advert and they know people don’t enjoy bounties, why don’t they just get rid of them?

The amount of food waste there must be every year for people who leave bounties has to be astronomical. You think, millions of people live in the UK alone, and so to have this one chocolate always be left behind must mount up to a lot of food waste and a lot of wasted energy even making that bar in the first place. That energy could be put into making a chocolate bar in the box that people actually want or care about, I’m still mad they got rid of galaxy truffles for a twix because galaxy truffles were absolutely incredible and you could only get it in celebration boxes.

I get what they’re doing, I get that it’s funny, and I understand that I’m taking it very seriously but in this day and age where climate change is so prolific and food waste and energy preservation is so poignant in our media I don’t like the idea of companies that are causing so much energy waste taking the mick out of us normal people who are just trying to do our bit to better the planet. If you know we don’t like bounties get rid of the bloody bounties, it’s not that hard!

As you can tell I’m not a fan of this advert. I do not like this advert. I feel people will enjoy this advert for its face value but if you really look at it, it leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth for me and I just think they should scrap bounty altogether and bring back the galaxy truffles.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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