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Jinx and DeLa Holiday Special Review

I was incredibly honoured to be sent this special as a screener, and if you know me you know I love Drag Race, and watching this reignited that love once more.

The Jinx and DeLa Holiday Special follows the two drag queens that we know and love as they work through a holiday special together, with one of them absolutely loving Christmas and wanting to put on the best Christmas special she can, while the other not really caring much and having these two worlds collide into an hour of hilarity.

I’ve said before in previous Drag reviews that Drag Race has become a bit stale for me now, however this special reignited my love for drag queens and their whole world because it was so fun and honest. There was no competition, there was no hardship, it was just two queens having a great time together and that chemistry worked really well, as well as a lot of the jokes being very funny and things that I hadn’t really heard or thought of before. It shows you how comedic these queens are and how much of a delight they are to watch.

This was something that I had never watched before, I have never seen a drag queen special in any sense and I’ve never even been to a show unfortunately, and so to watch this really opened my eyes to this corner of the drag queen world and I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

If you like drag queens, if you like crude, funny humour, and if you’re just a fan of Jinx and DeLa anyway then this will be right up your street. It’s the perfect Christmas show to watch if you don’t want the usual romantic comedies or you don’t want anything too family friendly and bitter sweet, this definitely has a lot of adult moments and for me, as a 20 something with no kids to watch family friendly films with, it was right up my street.

This is out now to stream so please give it a Google and find where you can watch it for yourself! I highly recommend it, it light heartedly parodies traditional Christmas specials that we all know and love from yesteryear and twists it on its head to make it this crude, hilarious, over the top delight that will stick in your mind for hours afterwards.

Watch the special and let me know what you think!

Until next time.

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