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This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us Review

I find it funny that this seems to be the most controversial Christmas advert for the nation however for me it was the Celebrations bounty advert.

This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us is the title of the Tesco Christmas advert that looks at lots of different scenarios where things go wrong but because it’s Christmas people just power through, because they don’t want to miss out. This includes a woman hiring an electric scooter to get home because all the roads are closed, to a car breaking down and a family having their Christmas dinner on the side the road, and even people using Christmas puddings that are set on fire as lights when the power goes out.

But the controversial moment of this advert is Santa being double vaxxed. Can you believe it? Do you think 20 years ago people would be so up in arms about something like this? Do you think pre-Internet people could even imagine that one day people could be arguing on a social media platform about Santa having a double vaccination? Can we just admit for a second that Santa isn’t real and that all the people getting hyped up over this need to get more of a life because, as we keep saying, other people being vaccinated and you not doesn’t affect you but you not being vaccinated could affect other people. So having Santa be vaccinated really does not matter in the grand scheme of things…he is a fictional character!

Do I have an issue seeing Santa being double vaxxed? No, I don’t. He wants to do some international travel, he wants to make sure Christmas keeps going, and so he is going to do all that he can in his power to keep it going and that is the main moral of this whole advert. We all have to do our part to keep Christmas going whether that is working from home longer so that Covid is spread less, or being more mindful with our health so that hospitals aren’t so busy, or getting our boosters to make sure that everyone we see on Christmas Day is happy and healthy. That’s what we have to do because we don’t want a Christmas like last year again where people can’t even see their family members or their friends because they were shut down completely.

I see nothing wrong with this advert. It’s a very fun advert that really encapsulates that feeling of making sure that Christmas can be the best it can be after the Christmases that we have had previously, and hopefully this advert rings true when we are able to have a more normal Christmas this year, because to me at least, Christmas is one of the most important times of the year to spend with family and it’ll be a shame to miss out again.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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