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A Christmas to Savour Review

This advert reminded me a lot of Tesco’s advert in that there’s was all about making the most of Christmas regardless of the situation, whereas this one is making the most of Christmas by savouring every moment.

A Christmas to Savour is Sainsbury’s Christmas advert this year and it’s a very well done Christmas advert. It’s beautifully shot, I’m very interested in how it was created, and includes enough about Christmas that make you feel very warm and fluffy inside. From seeing the waterfall of the gravy, to the bubbles of the champagne, and even the kids under the table having a mess around with the toys, all of it encapsulates what Christmas should be and is very enjoyable.

I think Sainsbury’s does a very good job at making you intrigued in what they sell but not giving too much away so that you have to find out about it yourself, and so they have that cross promotion between people enjoying the advent and being interested in what is in the advert and having to seek that out themselves, it’s a great marketing ploy.

I really enjoyed this advert, it’s simple but very effective and definitely makes me super excited to chow down on some roast potatoes this Christmas season.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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