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Baubles to Last Year, Christmas is On Review

Was this advert doing a bit too much? I think so.

Baubles to Last Year Christmas is On is Argos’ Christmas advert and they have clearly gone very big. The phrase ‘go big or go home’ doesn’t even begin to encapsulate what Argos have done this year! It is off the scale, and while I can appreciate a big advert that doesn’t always mean it’s good.

This advert follows lots of different people going through different excitements throughout the festive period, including light switches on, decking that work attire in tinsel, and even circling items in the Argos catalogue that they want for Christmas…which I remember doing as a kid and was probably my favourite part of the advert.

I didn’t enjoy the style of this advert. I don’t really know what they were going for but it just felt a bit weird, it didn’t sit right with me, and while bits within the advert were very Christmassy the actual styling of the advert just felt disjointed and weird and not something that I would’ve been particularly drawn to. That’s not say it’s a bad advert, I think Argos have sold themselves very well here, but overall it didn’t excite me too much.

It’s a perfectly fine advert it just isn’t one of my favourites and probably not one that I will find too memorable either, but watch it here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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