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Office Christmas Party Review

This movie had Jennifer Aniston in it so of course I had to watch it.

Office Christmas Party follows a failing branch of a family owned company that is run by Clay (the younger brother of the family). His older sister is now the CEO and she tells him that if he cannot get his branch working they will be shut down, so he decides to hold a giant Christmas party, against the wishes of his sister, to try and win over a big named client.

But of course this is a comedy film so nothing goes as planned, and it also seems that the boss of the branch isn’t the smartest and so an evening of craziness ensues, including cocaine in a snow machine, an escort pretending to be one of the worker’s girlfriends but gets off with all the men in the bathroom, and lots and lots of money being thrown about on basically nothing.

This film is a delight. It has a lot of funny moments, very action packed, exciting moments, and some bittersweet, heartfelt moments sprinkled in too. It’s the perfect mixture of being a Christmas film without being too cliche or too over the top. Being set in a work environment means you don’t have the cliches of family and Christmas and goodwill but rather just the craziness of trying to keep your company afloat.

If you’re not really into Christmas movies that are the standard feel good films then I definitely feel this one might be one that would convert you towards different types of Christmas films. Christmas films don’t always have to be sickly sweet and lovely, look at Die Hard, and this film is definitely not that. It’s hilarious and silly and stupid and just a joy to watch that anyone from your family to your friends could enjoy.

And while this is obviously a Christmas movie, so it’s only going to come out around Christmas time, it is a film that I feel you can watch every year and still enjoy it for its hilarity and good storytelling.

What do you think of Office Christmas Party?

Until next time.

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