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Ron’s Gone Wrong Review

Move over Wall-E, we’ve got a new favourite robot in town!

Ron’s Gone Wrong follows your new best friend, a robot that is connected to the Internet and is basically your best friend for everything you could ever need. You can use it to live stream your life, you can use it to make new friends online, you can use it to find new groups and communities that you want to be a part of, and basically it’s like your iPhone but actually talks back to you, follows you about and is just super duper cute.

Our main character, Barney, really wants one of these robots however his family cannot afford it, so they find one that is a little worse for wear and get him that instead because it’s cheaper. This one is called Ron and obviously Ron not being a certified robot from the manufacturer means he has a lot of bugs within him, and this makes him quirky and different. However Ron being quirky and different isn’t always a bad thing, and we see throughout the film that Ron being the way he is, with how he was meant to be at the beginning before corporate and capitalism intervened, actually has a lot more goodness within him.

This is a lovely story about how being connected to the world often means that you are incredibly alone and spending all your time online means that you’re missing out on living your actual life. People online can be seen as so happy and joyful and loving everything when really behind-the-scenes that’s not always the case. And because Ron can’t connect up to the network and can’t do all the things that he’s programmed to do he actually shows us that not being connected to everything all the time and spending time with someone in real time and actually putting your energy into them rather than the internet is the most important thing that we should all be doing.

I’m quite enjoying this switch that we are seeing with technology being shown in movies. In the 90s of course we had AI rising up and destroying us all and killing us and now we’re looking more at AI as a tool to make our lives better.

If you’re looking for a happy, heartwarming, enjoyable film then you’ve found it. Ron’s Gone Wrong shows you that technology should be working for us not us working for it, and it should be bettering our lives rather than hindering it and causing us to miss out on important life events because we’re too busy looking at our phone or talking to strangers on the Internet rather than our own family and friends. It’s a wonderful Disney movie that has all the usual Disney quirks in it from the bittersweet storyline to the usual ups and downs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What do you think of Ron’s Gone Wrong?

Until next time.

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