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Russell Howard: Lubricant Review

Russell Howard has been one of my favourite comedians since I was a child and sadly over the years I feel he has fallen off a bit by trying new humour that doesn’t really suit his style or rehashing old jokes. However I really enjoyed watching this special because it felt like he was back to his old self again.

What I love about Russell Howard is he always gives of reason for why he is doing his comedy show. Much like Daniel Sloss, they both have reasons behind their shows, it’s not just to rattle off a few jokes and leave. There’s always a point or purpose to it and with Lubricant his point and purpose is that laughter is the lubricant that helps you get through life. Life can be so hard sometimes, and so upsetting and downgrading, yet laughter is the thing that can pull you out of those dark moments and make you appreciate the good times and just give you that reason to keep going.

This is a really enjoyable comedy special. It’s incredibly funny and had me laughing out loud quite a few times. I love with Russell Howard how he can tell a story, when I’m watching him in his specials I’m not just watching a man wander around the stage telling jokes, I’m watching a play being shown to me. I can picture these characters that he conjures up, I can picture the settings and the stories that he is telling and that just makes it so much funnier. I don’t know how he does it, he has such a way with words that really immerses you in the story that he is showing you and really encapsulates that feeling of joy and laughter in a way that some other comedians can’t.

If you were like me and thought that Russell Howard had fallen off in recent years then this special will definitely change your opinion on that. I think he has had a new lease of life in his comedy career and I definitely think he has many more years ahead of him, if he wants them, to carry it on and be an even bigger success than he already is.

What do you think of Russell Howard?

Until next time.

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