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Olaf Presents Review

I found this series through TikTok, and while it wouldn’t normally be the sort of thing that I would watch, I very much enjoyed it, and as it’s literally less than 10 minutes long I encourage everyone else to watch it too.

Olaf Presents is a series of short films where the character of Olaf from Frozen basically recreates five Disney films in less than ten minutes, and it is hilarious.

I said in my Frozen 2 review that Disney seem to be taking the mick with that film in that they just decided that people were going to watch it anyway so they thought they’d just enjoy themselves and this series feels the same. Olaf goes back to these old films including Moana, Tangled, The Lion King, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid and basically retells them in his own silly way and it is brilliant.

There was a series on YouTube called films in five seconds that has the same sort of feel to this in that they took classic films everyone loved and basically told the whole story in five seconds, I feel this is doing a very similar thing but in a way that is very family friendly but also quite adult, in that you have to understand the parody that Olaf is doing to really get the joke.

I feel anyone in the family could enjoy this as it is silly fun for children but also has the deeper parodying for the adults to enjoy, and I’m sad that I wasn’t introduced to it before because it is so funny and so short.

I do hope Disney do more of these. I think they’re absolutely fantastic pieces of comedy and if Olaf wanted to parody every single Disney film out there then I am very happy for him to do that, because Olaf is one of those characters that can get away with it and Disney taking the mick out of itself shows that it is not just a corporate moneymaking machine but does have some heart and soul behind it too.

What do you think of Olaf Presents?

Until next time.

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