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Top 10 Reviews – December 2021

What an incredible end to the year! I can’t believe how quick the year went or even the month of December, so before we move into 2022 properly, let’s look back at our top 10 reviews of the month.

The Salisbury Poisonings

A fantastic look at a attack that rocked not only the town and people of Salisbury but the whole of the UK too. It’s hard to remember how prominent this attack was before the pandemic hit and took over our news stations.

A Christmas to Savour

A brilliant Christmas advert by Sainsbury’s that showcased just how important cherishing every moment of Christmas really is.

A Castle for Christmas

A film that Netflix shoved down our throats in December and was a huge disappointment. Read my review to see why I really didn’t enjoy this film.


A fascinating look into the pyramid scheme that is LuLaRoe and how a $1 billion business that sold super popular leggings quickly turned sour.

Aldi Christmas Advert

It’s not Christmas without Kevin the carrot, and despite him not having the prominent role in their advert this year, he still graces our screens and gave an old classic story a new vegetable twist.

When Missing Turns to Murder

A brilliant series that looks at missing people’s cases who sadly become murder enquiries and the police’s fight to find the culprit. It’s a brilliant look at police work and has some very interesting and scary stats included that even myself, a true crime advocate, didn’t know.

Russell Howard: Lubricant

Russell Howard was always one of my favourite comedians growing up and to see him in this special shows why. Despite having a few touchy years he’s come back strong and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us

Maybe one of the most controversial Christmas adverts of the year but I had a different take on it, and I highly recommend you read this review.

Sonic the Hedgehog

I have one thing to say about this film: Jim Carrey! If you haven’t seen it you need to because he is fantastic.

Top 10 Reviews – November 2021

Surprisingly this list was very popular in December, so if you want even more reviews to read or more recommendations for film and TV shows, then check this list out too.

Here’s to the year 2022 and the start of something incredible!

Until next time.

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