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Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

The hype for this film was insane! You couldn’t go anywhere on social media without seeing people discuss this film, so did it live up to my expectations?

Spider-Man: No Way Home continues the storyline of Spider-Man’s identity being outed to the public and him having to deal with this new found fame of people both loving and hating what he does. He goes to Dr Strange to try and reverse everyone’s knowledge of him, however during the spell it goes wrong and the multi-verse is opened and characters from other Spider-Man worlds are dragged into this one, who also know Peter Parker’s identity. This includes my favourite Dr. Octopus as well as the Green Goblin and many others.

However this also includes other Peter Parkers that obviously know they are Spider-Man, for they are him, and this brings back the actors Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield. And when I tell you I cried at this film I didn’t just cry once, I cried about eight times in separate occasions because of how incredible this film was and how much it touched me as a Spider-Man fan.

Spider-Man was my first superhero that I was ever introduced to. I grew up with the Tobey McGuire films, I watched the Andrew Garfield’s as a teenager, and of course Tom Holland is an absolutely fantastic Spider-Man too. But it doesn’t just stop there! I also enjoyed the Spider-Man cartoon series’ on TV, I enjoyed going to comic-con and seeing Spider-Mans there, the whole world of Spider-Man was and still is my life and so to see these actors come together in one film that have had so much prominence in my life was incredible and I’m so glad that it did not disappoint.

So often I feel there could be so much fanfare for a film or TV show that when it actually comes to fruition the execution isn’t what we hope for and what we expect, but in this scenario that is not what happened. Every moment was fabulous, every part was enjoyable, and seeing all of these actors come back and reprise their roles that are so monumental in the universe was fantastic. Willem Defoe is a man that I find very hard to watch on screen because he terrifies me and has since he started as the Green Goblin. I love Doc Oc too just because I found him fascinating as a child and even Electro and Sandman coming back was just so fun to see them again.

And this is what I love about Marvel. I feel Marvel really understand their fans, they understand what people want from their films and they are able to execute it perfectly. With Batman v Superman, there was so much hype with that film and I felt it was terrible because it just wasn’t up to my expectations. Whereas with Marvel films, most of them anyway, I have not found one that I haven’t enjoyed. Dr Strange is still a little touch and go for me, I’m not a huge fan of his story line, however in this he was very enjoyable and it did make me want to go and rewatch his film again as I still have yet to complete it.

I feel if you are a diehard Spider-Man fan then this film will be right up your street, however if you have not watched all the films or you do not understand all the secret Easter eggs that are scattered within the film in their troves then maybe this film won’t be as enjoyable for you. I absolutely loved how everything went and I’m interested to see how they continue the story now that Spider-Man‘s identity is once again unknown to everyone, even his best friend and girlfriend, but I think what they have done here is a monumental feat and this film deserves all the praise that it gets because it is absolutely incredible and one that I cannot wait to rewatch again.

What do you think of Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Until next time.

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