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Death to 2021 Review

I truly did believe that Death to 2020 would be a one off special that Netflix bought out, however clearly off the back of it and all the money they probably made from the views, it was inevitable that as Covid continued so would these specials.

Death to 2021 includes the same characters that we knew from Death to 2020 as they look back over the year and all the big moments that happened. Sometimes you forget how much actually happened within just the space of 365 days, and so it’s always nice to look back and think – ok, let’s move on to a brighter future.

From the coup that happened in Washington to Omicron becoming a variant and the climate change conference in Scotland there was a lot that happened this year, and while most of it wasn’t good, I feel that’s what gets the excitement and emotions running in the human race. And while you look back on the year and think of all these terrible things that did happen also take time to think of all the great things that happened too, even if they seem minuscule compared to the bad.

I did find a few moments of this show funny. I do feel they have a special kind of whit and while they did reuse some jokes they had already done in 2020 and just showed them in a different light, it was still an enjoyable watch but is one that you can watch and move on quickly and don’t spend too much time thinking about. However as we continue through our lives and into 2022 I do in a way hope that the specials end, especially once the world is able to handle Covid or live with Covid more normally, because I think while they are enjoyable while you’re stuck inside I wouldn’t watch the specials if I had the chance to do more things in life than just watch Netflix.

If you enjoyed Death to 2020 I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too. If you want a funny look back on the year then this is a perfect condensed way of doing that, however as I have already said, take the bad with the good and remember that it’s not all doom and gloom and there is a lot of goodness out there too.

What do you think of Death to 2021?

Until next time.

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