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Hype House Review

I enjoy social medias and use TikTok however I do worry about the state of the world when young people would rather make six second videos in their bedroom than actually contribute something worthwhile to society. Back in my day you wanted to be a doctor or a teacher or an engineer and now everyone just wants to be a YouTuber or TikToker and really, what does that tell you about the world we live in?

The Hype House is a content creator house where a bunch of young people, the oldest who visits being 25, all live together and make content together primarily on TikTok and they get paid millions for it. They have so many brand deals, especially with a Bang energy drink that you’ll see everywhere on their videos, and you get to see the highs and lows of their lives, especially the main conflict being that people want to start leaving the house or pursue different things that aren’t just TikTok because they want to make more of themselves and be seen as a more credible artist.

But the thing that really interested me about the show and the main reason I wanted to watch it is because they are all so young! The youngest TikToker on the show being only 17 years old and wanting to create a career in music, which is fabulous for him and I have no issue with that, but these kids are fresh out of high school, if they even completed it and their work ethic is ridiculous. All they do is laze around all day, one of the biggest problems in the show was that these creators can’t even be bothered to make one video a month let alone anything else, and that’s their livelihoods! That’s where they make their money and they think because they’ve got millions of fans that will rewatch their content and share it etc. they can get away with being lazy, when you can’t.

You wonder if this does all come to an end and they lose all the money and fame and everything that comes with it how are they going to survive? How are they going to be able to get normal jobs? Just because you are a household name for 0.2% of the country does not mean that you are famous and does not mean that you will be able to ride the wave of your fame. A lot of YouTubers that I grew up with have now moved onto other areas because YouTube is no longer as lucrative as it once was and I see that as nothing but a good thing, because everyone needs a plan B in case their dream doesn’t work out.

If you are interested in these creators or if you have an invested interest in TikTok or content creation, or want to see the behind-the-scenes of what these people really go through then this is a really interesting look at that. However it does not show them in the best light, as I’ve already said, they come across as lazy and privileged, they have no real world skills that they’ll be able to transfer if they ever need to find a real job, and really the second they fall off or get cancelled – as they like to complain about so much – what do they really have in their lives? Likes and followers only mean so much in your bubble but really in the grand scheme of things it means nothing.

I enjoyed watching this series, I wouldn’t rewatch it and I probably wouldn’t watch any more that may come out in the future. I feel it’s a nice look at this world that so many of us are not a part of and do not understand but beyond that it’s not really that entertaining and, unless you’re a teenager who is obsessed with these people the same way that I was obsessed with One Direction and Taylor Swift, you’re not going to find much enjoyment out of it.

What do you think of content creators?

Until next time.

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