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My Lover, My Killer Review

I have fallen down a hole recently on Netflix with these sort of true crime documentaries. I watched one recently called When Missing Turns to Murder and a lot of the people that had gone missing were killed by their spouses, and so to see a series just dedicated to that topic was right up my street.

My Lover, My Killer looks at different peoples’ experiences with their loved one being murdered by their partner, whether that be a relationship, marriage, or even an ex relationship that is still trying to work together for their children. It’s really interesting to watch and it helps you notice some of the red flags that these people will show before they actually get to the point of murder, which if you are able to spot them you could stop yourself from ending up in a similar situation.

One episode that really struck me was a man who killed his ex wife, however they were still living together at the time of her killing and they had children together. This man has been convicted of her murder however her body has still not been found and I cannot imagine how dark a human has to be to not only kill someone that they supposedly once loved but also not give their family and their own children they had together the peace that she is laid to rest somewhere where they can visit her, and still be with her, and instead she’s still out there where no one knows.

I think if you like true crime shows then this is another one to add to your list. A lot of the crimes within this series were ones that I had never heard of before so it’s good to give the victims their time to tell their story and to hopefully help other people in that situation or could possibly end up in their situation in the future. It’s a typical true crime show, there isn’t much more to it than that, however it is enjoyable and is a very easy watch if you’re already into these things, however if you are embarking into true crime for the first time or are still new to it then it can be quite a heavy watch knowing how these women met their end.

What do you think of My Lover, My Killer?

Until next time.

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