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Stay Close – Spoiler Free Review

I feel that James Nesbitt should be known as the crime drama king because he seems to be in every single one of these types of series’.

Stay Close follows an interesting storyline where every year for the last couple of decades a different man has gone missing around the same time of a carnival that happens at a local gentleman’s club. We follow the story of a woman who was previously known as Cassie when she worked at the gentleman’s club, and is now known as Megan as she is now a family woman with three kids and a soon to be husband, who has dark secrets being brought back up that could potentially ruin her idyllic life.

Throughout the series Megan may be the main character but you also follow along a lot of others including James Nesbitt’s character Broom who is still partnered in his police job with his ex-wife but now is seeing the owner of Vipers, the gentleman‘s club, as well as storylines happening with Megan’s children and how they weave into this murderous plot. There is also Megan‘s ex-fiance who obviously knew her as Cassie who is not only being connected to the case but also trying to reconnect with her too.

I used to always love on the BBC whenever it came to autumn time it would always bring out a new crime drama. There was always something that would come out week by week and would keep you hooked up until the last episode and I feel this is the Netflix equivalent of that type of show. It’s very British, it has the usual suburban feel to it, and it has each episode ending on something new being found out that makes you want to continue watching. However my issue with this is that when the BBC did it, it would obviously be week by week and with this you can just binge watch it, which of course has its pros and cons, but I feel unravelling it slowly would keep it much more engaging than just being able to constantly move onto the next episode and almost forgetting what had just happened.

I really enjoyed the show and I think anyone who enjoys crime dramas would as well. Some of the episodes are a bit slower and you do have to keep an eye on it to be able to piece together all the intricate weavings of the different storylines into one another, but overall you could easily watch it in an afternoon and be done with it by evening and then move on. I do feel it’s a show that keeps you engaged and up until the last episode I still hadn’t put together who the murderer was, but once it was revealed it all made so much sense.

If you’re a fan of crime dramas then I definitely recommend you add this one to your list. I feel being only eight episodes long it’s not too taxing on your brain to stay engaged with it, and I feel there is enough storylines happening that as you move through the series different things are always being unravelled that it will constantly keep you engaged and make you want to find out more.

What do you think of Stay Close?

Until next time.

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