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The Times Square Killer Review

Throughout my whole life I have only known Times Square as this glitzy, glamorous place where you go to get the best selfies and see all the giant billboards and just have this amazing feeling of glamour. I never realised it came from such a seedy place.

The Time Square Killer follows a serial killer who worked through the 70s and 80s abducting women, taking them usually to hotel rooms and mutilating them which ended up in their murder. It all began when two women were found with their heads missing and their hands cut off burnt in a hotel room in Times Square.

Things take a step up however as the killings continue and soon it is realised that this man is mainly killing working women who use Times Square as a place to pick up men. At this time in the 70s and 80s Times Square was known as a seedy part of America, it was almost a red light district where porn shows and adult content was rife, and people could go see this content which included voyeurism on real life women in their rooms as well as filmed content.

At the start it was simply men watching women through peep holes at them undressing but slowly it became something more hard-core and more deep and disturbing and soon the line between what was ok and what was abuse was blurred and it seems that these sort of shows that were so prevalent in this time were so easy accessible and that was what made the Times Square killer become who he was.

This series looks at Times Square as a whole as well as the killer himself, and looks at what could’ve made him into the monster that he became, why Times Square became so prolific in the adult entertainment industry, and how it was able to turn itself around in the new century and become this glitzy glamorous place we know of it today. It’s a fantastic look at a world that I did not know or understand at all and let me understand a new killer that I had not heard of before either. I feel so often with true crime documentaries they focus on certain killers that already have this glamorisation around them so they will get views, and stepping away from the Ted Bundys the Ed Geins and the John Wayne Gacys into the world of a different sort of killer was really interesting to see and gave me a different look at Times Square itself too.

It’s a very easy show to watch however the crimes are very dark and so you are advised that they do not hold back. There are crime scene picture shown, you do hear all the gory details of what happened, and while it’s a fascinating case it is definitely not one for the faint hearted, however if you can handle that I definitely recommend it.

What do you think of the Times Square Killer?

Until next time.

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